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Garden Mint and Lavender Linen Spray

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Our Room & Linen Sprays offer a fine mist of fragrance load that'll ensure your favorite scent stays where you spray.

Use them on your sheets, pillows, couches anywhere in the home that needs a little boost.

Have you ever felt that your clothes don’t smell the way you do? Do you wish that your fabrics also smelt as heavenly as you do with a great scent?

Now, you can bring the same personality to your fabrics too, with our Garden Mint and lavender Linen Spray

The freshness of the mint with the sweetness of Lavender will make you fall in love with your linens all over again.

Make your linen feel young, garden-fresh, and home again with this nature-infused Linen Spray.


Easy to handle and great to experience, this product will change your relationship with your fabrics.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Patricia B.
    Great scent without being too floral.

    Wonderful fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm the room

    Steph L.
    Febreze for Rich People

    My husband calls this "febreze for rich people" because it makes our house smell so...expensive? It doesn't have the chemical smell that febreze/lysol have but it still smells super nice. I honestly would wear this as a body spray-- it smells that good.

    You have to basically saturate your furniture if you want the smell to stay longer than a 1/2 hour, but if you spray it on more delicate fabrics (jersey t-shirts, pillow cases, etc) it will stay for a day or so. I like to spray it on my furniture and curtains before guests come over. I am curious to try this on my curtains in the warmer months, maybe a nice breeze from an open window would help circulate the smell throughout the house? Either way this stuff is awesome.

    Husband approved!

    Years ago, I random found a linen spray in bed bath and beyond which smelled so clean and nice and no febreze or other air freshener could come close to the clean light smell. Until this one!
    My husband complains of every flowery fragrance but when I sprayed this, he took a deep breathe in and said “Ooh! That smells nice! And expensive!” It has just a touch of something that adds to the overall smell without being overpowering. I’ve sprayed it on bedsheets curtains rugs...all in the same room and it still doesn’t feel like I’m gonna overdo it!

    Heather J
    Pleasantly surprised!

    This reminds me of a body spray that you would purchase from somewhere like Bath and Body Works, except it’s stronger than that and covers a lot of areas. Really, compared with one of the tiny air freshener bottles from the store, you get more for your money with this one. It’s strong and pleasant enough without being really fake smelling.

    I don’t know how the other scents in the same brand compare, but I’m really pleased with the one that I chose. Will definitely purchase again!

    Beautiful scent

    This stuff smells so good. Not as much of a seaside or beachy sent as a nice clean garden mint. The lavender scent is pretty true, and it’s dressed up by some other florals to make it less “old” smelling. The house smells rare and clean, and my dogs don’t recoil in horror. I like the intensity just fine and it doesn’t aggravate my migraines like a lot of scented products.

    worth the price, recommend this one.