Rosemary Sage and Mint Eucalyptus scent Linen Spray from soulflar

Rosemary Sage and Mint Eucalyptus Linen Spray

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Our Room & Linen Sprays offer a fine mist of fragrance load that'll ensure your favorite scent stays where you spray.

Use them on your sheets, pillows, couches anywhere in the home that needs a little boost.

Are you looking for a linen spray that is pleasant, fresh, and full of your favorite things? Then, look no further with our Rosemary Sage and Mint Eucalyptus Linen Spray.

Your fabrics awill sing a different tune once they have been introduced to this revitalizing combination of herbs. Give them new life with our linen spray, and you will notice that they are brighter, fresher, and happier now.

A product that captures the essence of nature in a spray bottle, may just be the thing you are looking for in your fabrics.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    June M.
    Best scent ever!!!

    This spray is a game changer! You won’t be disappointed, it smells amazing! Everyone raves about the scent of my home...even the repairman. I also spray to get rid of the stink after my baby’s diaper changes and it resolves the odor almost immediately.

    Katie L.
    Beautiful Scent!

    I use it on my laundry when it’s still got from the dryer, and I use it at the end of each night. Beautiful scent, like expensive hotel linens.

    Soft Sexy Scent

    Where, OH where do I begin???

    This is a touch of Paradise in your your brain and resting on your heart.
    I was introduced to this Home Fragrance by my coworker. I purchased it immediately. The day it arrived, I carried it around spritzing here.... spritzing there.

    The scent made me happy. It smells like a 5star hotel or a classy boutique.

    I will never buy an air freshener from the grocery market again!!!!!!

    If you want a sensual, not musky, soft, alluring aromatic pick-me-up Then this needs to go into your cart today!

    Debbie Lynn

    It smells wonderful! I sprayed it on some of my throw pillows and the scent occupied the entire room. I'm very pleased and this spray will be a staple in my home.